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LAVIE Wellness is an exclusive 7-star wellness cruise for VIPs to disconnect and indulge in anti-stress, detox, healing and mediation.


LAVIE concept is all about natural and holistic health, well-being and environmental health. LAVIE extends beyond the traditional confines of the spa's four walls allowing the guests to disconnect completely in order to focus entirely on their health and wellbeing in some of the most beautiful and remote spots at sea.


LAVIE comes from BE ALIVE! It’s about reviving and adopting a healthy holistic-lifestyle mindset.

It is an innovative wellness excursion with the best experts in the field of wellness harmonized to deliver a specialized 1 week wellness program on board. The goal is to reach an ultimate mind-body-soul balance in a Zen environment using integrative medicine.

Guests can watch the sunrise over the ocean and start the day with an early-morning yoga on deck. At LAVIE Wellness, guests will meet our specialized wellness doctors that will perform a health assessment and put them on the correct path to a healthy living. They will experience a healthy cuisine with gluten-free, low-sodium and vegetarian options on board and detox all the bad toxins in the body.


LAVIE Wellness schedule includes private certified sessions for: massage, yoga, osteopath, meditation, healing therapy, acupuncture, health and nutrition assessment, wellness seminars, gym and private training, and facials among others. Guests can book group or individual sessions.

The yachts are very luxurious and the VIP suites are spacious. The guests will clear the stress away with daily massages and treatments and enjoy the specialized spa, health and fitness amenities on board.


LAVIE’s uniqueness lies in integrating luxury with a holistic spa and wellness experience that involves physical, social, environmental and spiritual well-being. Guests can book a full wellness cruise for a week in a location they choose or join one of our regular high-end wellness cruises on the Mediterranean.  

Email us : Info@Luxuryvillasandyachts.com

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